Medical and Pharmaceutical Packaging

All Flex has developed a range of materials especially for the packaging of single use, disposable medical devices and pharmaceutical products. Materials are available for applications where sterilisation is by steam, ethylene oxide, irradiation and plasma.

Typical end use applications include, for example, pouches for dentists and hospitals, rollstock applications for medical dressings, kits, syringes and catheters and the technically demanding areas of intravenous solutions. Also barrier foil laminates for moisture and light sensitive products such as impregnated dressings, wipes and pharmaceutical formulations.

Our specifications comply with the most stringent healthcare packaging regulations.

Weld and peel open seal layers are available for partnering Tyvek® and papers for both two and three dimensional packages.

Printing is available up to eight colours, inclusive of steam and ethylene oxide indicator inks. It is also possible to use tinted films for product differentiation.

As an innovative company we respond to development requests - laminates such as Opa/Opa/Pe for strength, lightweight Pet/Pe with slip for cost-saving flowrap applications and variable film gauges for puncture resistance.

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End Use
Specification Sterilisation Printing Indicator
Light and moisture sensitive medical products and devices Foil barrier laminates such as Opet/Foil/Pe and Opet/Foil/PP Irradiation, Autoclave (steam) Yes -
Gas Barrier Film Packs
EVOH layers incorporated into laminated structures for gas barrier requirements Autoclavable (steam) Yes -
Hospital and Dental Pouches and Rolls (spools) Medical papers and either "Shatterless" or standard Polyester / Cast Polypropylene films, fully transparent or with tint. Autoclavable (steam), ETO Yes Autoclavable (steam), ETO
Paper - Film Packs:
Direct Seal Applications
Various Medical papers, with or without peelable coatings, for pouch and rollstock use. Polyester / Polyethylene laminates for pouch manufacture (direct seal and fully peelable requirements).
Pa/Pe or PP/Pe thermoformable films for rollstock with seal layers for fully peelable and direct seal applications. Also PA/PP for autoclave.
ETO, Irradiation and Autoclavable (steam) if PA/PP is used Yes Autoclavable (steam), ETO
Tyvek® - Film Packs
Peels to Uncoated Tyvek®
Polyester/Peelable Polythethylene laminates with standard or peelable layers for sealing to coated and uncoated Tyvek®. Also thermoformable films with similar features in Pa/Pe or PP/PE at various gauges. ETO, Irradiation, Plasma Yes ETO
Film - Film Packs
For irradiation, Polyester or Opa / Pe film laminates with or without peelable sealant. Self-seal or as top webs to Pa/Pe or PP/Pe on thermoforming applications. Autoclavable films - Opet/PP, Opa/PP, Pa/PP, PP/Pa/PP - for I/V bag overwraps Irradiation, Autoclavable (steam) Yes -

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